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​ I was born in a Harlem clinic in 1965, one year after my father was released from the infamous Dannemora Prison in upstate New York.  He, along with mobster Joseph Imbruglia, was arrested for the attempted murder of a New York City police officer and the robbery of a cabaret in Queens. 

I experienced being homeless at the early age of 8, as well as 12 and 13, eventually leaving home at the age of 17 to work in New York nightclubs. Alcohol use became drug use. The pursuit of drugs led me to East New York, Brooklyn where I would cross paths with the most corrupt officers of the NYPD, in the most dangerous neighborhood in the country. By my early 20’s, I would once again become homeless and would be directed to a Monastery where I would get clean and sober, finally, after numerous attempts.

Seeking a way out and fresh start, circumstances would bring me to the Midwest. The only work I could find was, ironically, was in the Department of Corrections, working in three maximum security prisons and on death row. After seeing enough sadness, it was time to move on. I decide to start a trash business to have a life of freedom, and happiness. It only made me miserably comfortable. It wasn’t until August 13, 2012 that my world would collide with a dog reported to have been shot and killed. For the first time in my life, I  believed in something I could not see at the corner of 14th & 2nd which gave me purpose. One simple headline would forever change me. It gave me, and a dog, a new chance at life. 


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