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Charlie hears the music of Woodstock (yes, that Woodstock), deals with abusive parents, experiences homelessness as a child, falls prey to addiction, and goes through the revolving door of rehab and recovery. Follow Charlie as he leaves his native New York and heads to Nebraska, where as an officer with the Nebraska Department of Corrections, spends final moments with a condemned man. Discover how Charlie built a business and climbed to the top of success and prosperity. Most significantly, learn how a viral video from New York’s East Village sparks Charlie’s drive for justice and truth and goes on a mission to rescue Star, a homeless man’s companion shot by the NYPD. Witness how Star brings about lasting changes in Charlie’s life as he embraces compassion, empathy, understanding and most importantly, humanity.

Charlie’s journey is, in reality, a quest – a quest all of us, when we are honest and reflective – are on, in one way or another. It is a quest for meaning, a search for hope, a pursuit of faith and most importantly, a discovery of love.

14th & 2nd

  • Soft cover; 302 pages.

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